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Idaho Past, Present and Future

Introduction: My name is Lora Evanouski and I am going to tell you about the great state of Idaho. I have lived in the state for 15 years. I will speak briefly about Idaho from its’ illustrious mining past to the present day and on into the future. For further explanations on Idaho, please click the links to the right to find out more interesting facts about the state!

Idaho's Past

Idaho became a state on July 3, 1890 signed by President Benjamin Harrison. The name Idaho has dubious beginnings though. No one really knows where the name derived from, possibly from Indians or from a steamship of the same name! There are many Indian tribes that reside in Idaho including Shoshoni, Paiute and Nez Perce. In addition to a rich Indian history, the state has relied heavily on mining, forestry and agriculture to sustain the state. There are mining ghost towns such as Pearl just 20 minutes from Boise!

Idaho's Present

The state of Idaho also known as the Gem state, offers a wide variety of outdoor activities as well as being technologically advanced. There is world class whitewater rafting, skiing and fly fishing. The scenery for tourism is ripe for incredible adventures. The national parks and recreation offer stunning views and draw visitors from around the nation. Some say the technology from Micron and HP is only matched by Silicon Valley.

Idaho’s Future

Idaho is one of the fastest growing states in the nation due to low cost of living. The recent population boom from the early 90’s has slowed but not subsided. In order to lead our state into a more sustainable growth rate matched with environmental green policies; the state government uses more renewable resources including hydroelectric and wind power. What will Idaho look like in 50 years?