Learner Description:
This activity is appropriate for adult learners wishing to learn more about the history of Frank Church.


This jigsaw page was created based on the Elliot Aronson's Jigsaw Classroom model. In this jigsaw activity we will use the internet to research about the life, political career and legacy of Frank Church.


For this activity you have been divided into 3 groups by counting off from 1, 2, 3. After you break into your expert groups, you will answer the questions with the same corresponding number. Expert group 1 answer questions from that designated box and so on. In addition to learning the answer to your assigned question, you must also learn 5 important facts about your category. Each expert group will give a 10 minute presentation to the class on what you learned.

Frank Church Jigsaw Activity Table
  Topic Links
Expert Group 1

Frank Church's Life
1. Is there anything special about the way Frank Church went to college?
2. How was Frank Church's life altered after cancer?

BSU Library
Spartacus School Network

Expert Group 2

Frank Church's Politics
1. What committees did Frank Church serve on?
2. What did Frank Church do in 1965 that was a political risk?

BSU Library
Bioguide Congress

Expert Group 3

Frank Church's Legacy
1. Why is Frank Church so important to the Wilderness Act?
2. Why was the Frank Church Institute established?

Boise Schools
Idaho Parks and Recreation
Wilderness Stewardship