City of Chicago Flag

City of Chicago Flag

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Benny Goodman, a legendary musician, played in Chicago. His style of big band and jazz still live on in the hearts and souls of all Chicago musicians. I have included a recording of Benny Goodman for you to capture the flavor and style of being in Chicago. I hope you enjoy his music.


Learner Description:This activity is designed for adult learners or can be modified for any age who wish to study about museums in Chicago.

About the Virtual Tour

This virtual trip is an online adventure into the Museums of Chicago. It includes trips to The Field Museum, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Adler Planetarium, The Shedd Aquarium, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Each museum houses some of the most treasured artifacts of our history.

I have links at the top of the page for you to select which museum you will choose to visit first. You may proceed in any order you like. It is all online so have fun and don't get lost in the museums!

To your right, I have an audio clip to introduce you to the city of Chicago. As you enter your field trip I have included an activity for you to complete as you investigate each of the museums.

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