Web Accessibility and the Visually Impaired

Lora Evanouski
Boise State University

Learner Description: This guide is aimed at adult learners seeking to learn more about web page accessibility and the visually impaired.

According to Section 508, accessibility to electronic information is mandated by the federal government. WCAG (World Wide Web Consortium) also has guidelines furnished to accomplish accessibility for all. Therefore, web developers should and must consider the full range of visitors that may visit their web pages. By creating a web page that is truly accessible to all, web masters open up a wide range of possibilities to those that have disabilities.

For more information on Section 508 accessibility checklist a complete listing can be found at:http://webaim.org/standards/508/checklist

For more information about WCAG a complete listing can be found at:http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/

With disabilities reaching into almost every household today, designers need to consider how to reach this population and integrate it in the technological world. Impairments affect how we understand or view things and in this case using a web site. Because this audience spends an increasing amount of time surfing the internet, we must include these viewers. This page is designed to help the visually impaired.

The vision impaired group can be anyone with partial vision to completely blind. For instance, Macular Degeneration affects our aging population. As our population shifts to more of the baby boomers coming into the aged population we need to be vigilant in our efforts to serve this wide ranged group. Here are some links on the right side of the page to help with the visually impaired.

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