Online Course Design

EdTech 512 is a course developed to to meet the requirements for adult learning and online teaching as part of the MET standards for online teaching certification. The links located in the menu to the right are artifacts built in this online teaching course, fall semester at Boise State University 2010. Enjoy :)

Basic Digital Photography

This course is designed for novice to beginner adult participants wishing to learn about digital photography, editing software, and organizational workflow. It is a workshop where no credits will be given. It is designed to be either a blended course or completely online. This course will be hosted in Moodle.

Mike and Lori at Bruneau Sand Dune

About Me

My name is Lora Evanouski but I go by Lori. I live in Meridian, ID just about 5 miles west of Boise. I started in the MET program in the Spring 2009 school year. I have enjoyed learning about how to use technology to teach as well as to learn. I look forward to using my technology skills in future endeavors as a teacher and employee trainer.

Pictured here is my husband (Mike) and I at Bruneau Sand Dune. Taking digital photographs and using editing software is a hobby that I am passionate about and enjoy. I capture some fantastic photos while camping, fishing, hiking, and biking in the beautiful state of Idaho!