Final Project Proposal

This table is for organizing my final project proposal for Social Network Learning-597.

Title Social Networking and Multimedia
Purpose The purpose of this project is to collect resources, display presentations, and connect multimedia enthusiasts.
Intended Audience The intended audience is all of my peers in the EdTech Dept of Boise State University.
What real-life need does this project fill for you personally? What need does this fill for others? The real life need this fills for me allows me to use the tech tools that I have studied over the last year, put them to good use, and encourage others to use my knowledge that I have gained. I also hope to learn from the followers that I develop!
Type of Project I plan to make a blog, using wordpress, about multimedia. I want to investigate more deeply into what wordpress has to offer in the way of widgets, gadgets and audience. I am hoping to gain an audience and maybe develop into a PLC?
Learning objectives met by project The learning objectives met by my audience are through the ISTE NETS standards for teachers:

  • Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership
Discuss how your project promotes higher-order thinking skills, critical thinking, and/or creativity in your audience. Using a blog promotes higher order thinking skills, critical thinking, and creativity among my followers. Critcal thinking skills ask the participant to actively engage, apply information, and analyze information. Solutions to problems can be found and appropriately used. I hope to have active participants that will analyze, evaluate, add content, and help develop the blog into a vibrant sharing community.
Describe the “deliverables” or final product you will turn in at the end of class. I plan to create a blog with separate pages (don’t know what they are going to be called yet!) where all participants can be active in adding and sharing content. This blog will be tied into my twitter account, Facebook, Linkedin,, and my other blog created for my studies at BSU. I also plan to link it to my index page set up for the Social Network Learning class.

Evanouski Proposal Outline:

  1. Perform a thorough review of using Wordpress as a social networking medium.
  2. Lurk various multimedia tools to find new tools and old tools to be used in the future.
  3. Set up a Wordpress blog about social network and multimedia. Link to facebook and twitter.
  4. Place my findings on the home page with active links to tools found. This page will remain open and active.
  5. Create other web pages that would help to stay organized in a PLC.
  6. Invite my peers to share in what I have learned through research.
  7. Get feedback from peers.
  8. Launch my PLC and see how many followers and feedback I can generate.