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How ya' going? You are about to embark on a virtual field trip to Sydney, Australia, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This online journey will introduce you to some key sights around Sydney through multimedia. Use the Google map, images, video clips, and audio recordings to explore your new surroundings. If you are on foot, you might plan carefully which order you visit the different menu bars at the top. If you are visiting Sydney virtually, save your feet and go in any order you like.

Don't get too comfortable in the land of Oz! You will need to answer questions on each page and record them in your travel journal. Download this worksheet. [MS Word] [PDF] When you’re finished, you can check your answers here. [MS Word] [PDF]

Remember...No Worries!

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Overview of Sydney

Sydney is Australia's largest city with 4.5 million people and it hosted the world during the 2000 Summer Olympics. While Sydney had been home to indigenous Australians for at least 30,000 years, a convict settlement was formed by Britain's Arthur Phillip in 1788. Shortly thereafter a disease (thought to be smallpox) killed 500-1000 Aborigines. Most of the roads, bridges, wharves, and infrastructure was built by British and Irish convicts.

Sydney has since become an multicultural city and one-third of Sydneysiders were born overseas (mostly in the UK, China, and New Zealand). Situated on a stunning harbour, Sydney is alive with food, arts, culture, recreation, and tourism.

Visit Wikipedia to find out: What month is the coldest in Sydney? What year did Sydney last have snow?

Learner description: This page is designed as a virtual field trip for families with school-aged children who plan to visit Sydney (or who would like to some day). It is designed as an educational activity that exposes the learner to various key sites virtually. Educators could also use these pages as a model for virtual field trip teaching methodology. Here's a link to my other EdTech 502 projects.