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Military Grid Coordinates

Introduction to Grid Coordinates

In this lesson you will

Military grid coordinates are...

Understanding a Military Grid Coordinate

Grid coordinates are split into to parts. The first part represents the number to the right (yellow). The second part represents the number moving up the map.

4 Digit - 8903
6 Digit - 890030
8 Digit - 89000300

When reading a grid coordinate you always want to remember the ruleMap reading rule: Right and Up

4 Digit Coordinate

In this lesson we will be using a known 4 digit grid coordinate (8903) and locate it on a military map.

In a later lesson we will look at 6 and 8 digit grid coordinates.

Military Grid Coordinates


Finding a 4 Digit Grid Coordinate on a Military Map

Step 1

Using the Grid 8903 move right across the map until you reach the grid line for 89.

Now that you have found grid line 89 by moving right across the map go to step 2

Step 1

Step 2

On the grid line you just found, grid line 89, move upward across the map until you find grid line 03.

The grid square to the right and up of the intersecting lines you just found is the grid square you are looking for.


Step 2


Given a 4 digit grid coordinate you locate the first grid line by moving right and then locate the second grid line by moving up. The grid square is located to the right and up from the intersecting grid lines.

Now that you have found a grid square using a military 4 digit grid coordinate, try determining a 4 digit grid based on a point found on the map. CLICK TO TRY

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