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Click on the links above to visit other countries as well as your own, the United States. As you visit each country, you will learn more about their Christmas traditions.

Learner Description: This virtual field trip was designed for a first grade social studies unit.


Get ready because you are about to travel around the world! You are going to visit many different countries and learn how people celebrate Christmas all around the world. We are going to visit England, Germany, Greece, Italy, and the United States. So grab your suitcase and passport, and buckle your seat belt because you are about to become a world traveler!

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As you travel around the world, I would like you to answer the questions on each countries' page. You will be able to find the answers to all of the questions on each web page. If you have trouble finding the answer on the page,just hover the mouse over the word ANSWER and the answer to the question will pop up. Good luck and have fun. Happy traveling!