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What is the North Coast also called?

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What famous bridge is located in the San Francisco Bay Region?

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What are the two things the Central Coast region is primarily known for?

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What are the famous beaches and resort towns of the South Coast?

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Coastal Region

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Tour of the Coastal Region

California's Coastal Region is divided into four sub-sections: North Coast, San Francisco Bay, Central Coast, and the South Coast (Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego County). The North Coast stretches from San Francisco Bay to Humboldt Bay which borders Oregon. When you visit the North Coast you will explore forests, rugged trails, and nature preserves. The San Francisco Bay Region includes Silicon Valley, Napa and the Marin Headlands. The Central Coast Region is the perfect balance between urban and rural life. You will find scenic highways, state parks, wildlife refuges, and beaches. The South County includes Orange and San Diego County. Orange County is known for its beach towns and great weather. San Diego is known for its 70 miles of coastline. Please take some time to tour the Coastal Region of California and explore all it has to offer.

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