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What two rivers make up the California Delta?

What ocean runs parallel to the Central Valley?

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What are the mountain ranges that surround the Sacramento Valley?

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What are the three rivers that are found in the San Joaquin Valley?

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Highlights of California's Central Valley (click picture)

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Central Valley Region

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Tour of the Central Valley Region

California's Central Valley region is historical for its agriculture and located in the middle of California. The Central Valley is home to some of the most productive agricultural areas. The crops are diverse in the products and include crops such as cotton, tomatoes, and rice. The valley is nestled between the Central Coast and the Mountains and stretches approximately 450 miles from north to south. The Central Valley is divided into two sections: the Sacramento Valley and the San Joaquin Valley. The two areas meet at the California Delta. In addition to this there are many lakes, reservoirs and recreation opportunities.

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