Questions to Answer

What is a region?

Wikipedia Region

Describe what a coastal region is.

Wikipedia Coast

Describe what a mountain region is.

Wikipedia Mountain

Describe what a desert region is.

Wikipedia Desert

Describe what the Central Valley region is.

Wikipedia Valley

Photo Tour of California (click on camera)

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Tour the Regions of California

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Regions Video

Virtual California Land Regions is an online field trip designed to take you on a journey of the Land Regions of California. California has four regions, the Coastal, Mountain, Central Valley and Desert. The Coastal Region is broken up into three sections. The Northern, Central and Southern Coastal Regions. You will find an interactive maps, images, text, video clips on this site. Use the information to explore each region and discover all the region has to offer. Keep a travel journal of your explore each region. When you have completed your journey you will write an essay comparing and contrasting each region and concluding with a region you would like to live in and why.

The navigation links located to the left will be available on each page. This will allow you to travel from region to region comparing and contrasting the features of each. You may jump back and forth from each page as often as you like. This is one of the many benefits of a virtual field trip.

Learner Description

This virtual field trip of the California Land Regions was designed for students in the upper elementary grades. It would also be appropriate for older students and educators.