Welcome to a virtual tour of Westwoods trails.

Just a short trip from downtown Guilford, CT, the Westwoods trail system is a jewel waiting to be discovered by hikers and nature lovers. This trail system is the largest in Guilford, and contains a remarkable 39 miles of trails on 1,200 acres. If the opportunity arises, please come explore its amazing natural formations such as Indian caves, delicate water falls, salt and fresh water marshes, Lost lake, and a variety of carved rock sculptures.

The first trails were blazed in 1966, and since then, the trail system has grown steadily to the near forty miles of trails maintained by the Westwoods Trails Committee today. The land is cooperatively owned by the State Forest, Guilford Land Conservation Trust (GLCT), Town of Guilford, and private ownership. The Westwoods Trails Committee of GLCT is responsible for maintaining all trails.

All sixth grade students in the Guilford Public School system are given an opportunity to explore Westwoods during a full day science field trip. The hike is led by experienced naturalists, and students are exposed to the multitude of geographic features that makes Westwoods so unique.

So why the need for a virtual Westwoods?

Learner Description: Even though every effort is made to get all students on this field trip, it does not always work out. Illness, disabilities, and sometimes a prolonged period of spring rains, prevents some students from partaking. This website is designed to allow everyone to experience Westwoods, regardless of physical ability or the weather. The virtual tour uses video and still images to transport you to Westwoods without leaving your home.

There are five stops on your virtual tour:

While there is no risk of ticks on your virtual tour, if you do get the opportunity to hike Westwoods, please check yourself for ticks.