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The Westwoods trail system contains a remarkable 39 miles of trails on a large 1,200 acre watershed in downtown Guilford, CT. The varied terrain, and diverse geographic features, offer an exciting opportunity to investigate ecosystems by immersing oneself within them.

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This WebQuest explores two essential components of the Westwoods' watershed: the Great Swamp and vernal pools. During your adventure, you will explore food webs, watersheds, ecosystems and the effects of pollution on this cherished area.

Student Introduction:

There are five sections to this WebQuest.

  1. Introduction: An overview of the Westwoods WebQuest.
  2. Task: The challenge presented to you.
  3. Process: Detailed steps to assist you in accomplishing your quest.
  4. Evaluation: A rubric clearly identifying how your progress is measured.
  5. Conclusion: Suggested next steps
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Important Gear Notes

Permission Slip

If you are thinking about embarking on this adventure, you will need a sense of adventure, solid Internet browsing skills, a word processor, and a drawing program (paper and pencil will work).

Teacher News

Your gear is already packed.

This WebQuest includes a detailed lesson plan for teachers, and a rubric for student assessment. The activities are aligned with Guilford's 6th grade Science curriculum and the Common Core State Standards.

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