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LESSON 5: Global Winds


Objective: To learn about the various global wind patterns and how they distribute heat throughout Earth

If you combine the Coriolis Effect with the uneven heating of Earth, a global wind pattern begins to emerge and take shape. These Global Winds are the dominant prevailing wind patterns that blow in a fairly constant, steady direction across our earth. Global winds are comprised of three previaling winds: Tradewinds, Westerlies, and Polar Easterlies. A prevailling wind is defined as a wind that blows predominantly from a single general direction.(). Global Wind Patterns are important because they distribute and circulate heat from the equatorial regions to the polar regions by convection. Think of these winds as the Earth's heating and air conditioning system. Notice these winds become deflected and appear to "curve" as a result of the Coriolis Effect. In the diagram below, notice the location direction of the Tradewinds, Westerlies, and Easterlies.


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