During this WebQuest, you researched, analyzed, designed, and created a travel plan that considered a balance of activities, a set time frame, and a budget. What was the most interesting thing you learned during this WebQuest? Did you find it difficult working within a variety of constraints? Obviously, creating a well-designed travel plan is a time consuming process. In short, it can sometimes be difficult to find out specific hours and prices for various tourist sites. Additionally, it can be tough designing an itinerary that meets detailed requests as well as a specified budget and time frame. As with any destination, these obstacles can make travel planning difficult. Thus, is there a way an individual can lessen the impact of these obstacles in a travel plan? Are there ways they can be avoided? Are there benefits to making contingency plans? In the end, these are just some of the question an individual must consider when trying to design an effective travel plan.

End of WebQuest