New Orleans, Louisiana: Jazz Music

Named after Philippe d’Orleans, a Regent of France; New Orleans is the largest metropolitan city in the state of Louisiana. In short, it is world renowned for its architecture, culture, cuisine and heritage. In fact, the city is one of the most distinctive in the United States. Nevertheless, while all of aforementioned attributes are notable, New Orleans is probably most known for being the birthplace of jazz music.

Essentially, New Orleans has always been synonymous with music. With a variety of cultural influences that range from European to African, New Orleans' unique musical style was born in in the early American days from a unique blending of European instruments and African rhythms. In essence, this unique pairing gave birth to jazz. Although jazz music can come in many different styles and configurations, it is often defined by it purely instrumental and largely improvisational characteristics. More specifically, it is typically associated with various brass or woodwind instruments. In the end, it is these various characteristics that provide the foundation of as the largely popular genre known as jazz.


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New Orleans Photo Tour - Visit New Orleans through a series of interactive photos that have been divided into neighborhood or sections of the city. You may even download any photo you like. The link will open a new browser window.

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Audio Sample

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Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Jazz Me Blues

Video of Jazz Music

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Video of Jazz Music