Washington State

WA State Flag

State Capital: Olympia

Governor: Christine Gregoire (D)

Statehood: 1889

Population: 5,894,121


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You are about to take a trip all over the state of Washington! You will visit Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, and of course Mt. St. Helens. As you visit each site, please be sure to answer the questions on a sheet of paper and you will find the answers within each page. I have included a simple taskbar at the top of each page to help you navigagte from page to page. This will all be done on your computer, so you'll have no need to get up from your seat. Feel free to do this tour in any order that you would like, but please label the questions by Volcano to help your teacher out.

View Volcanoes of Washington State in a larger map"

Learner Description

This virtual field trip was designed for Mr. Keefe's 5th Grade Science class. This virtual field trip will expose students to the volcanoes of Washington State, which many students may not be able to physically travel to.