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John Dewey (1859-1952) was a constructivist theorist.  Constructivists believes people actively learn from their environment by reflecting on the experiences around them (Funderstanding, 1998-2004b, Definition section, para. 1).  Active learning requires the learner to continually assimilate and accommodate new information to construct knowledge. 

John Dewey (1859-1952) (Dreyfuss, S., et al (ed), 2004, p. 177) was an American philosopher proponent for group investigation and social learning.  He studied students who were organized into groups to solve problems using the democratic process or the scientific method of inquiry (Calhoun, Joyce, & Weil, 2004, p. 215).  Dewey felt that the pupil was an active learner that could achieve his own learning using the teacher as a guide.  He also considered the classroom environment a place that allowed social interaction of real life problems in which the subject content was not taught in a logical order of facts.  Subjects were used to help solve real life problems (Archambault, R. (Ed), 1964, pp. xxii-xxviii) that included the interests of the students as well as developing manual skills of the students (Dreyfuss, S., et al (ed), 2004a, p. 177).