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Learner Description

This jigsaw activity has been designed as a cooperative learning activity for high school students studying the parts of the human brain.

Introduction and Instructions

The human brain puzzle has been divided into 8 pieces. You will be assigned a number from one to eight by your instructor. This represents the group that you will be in to learn about one part of the brain. Use the table below to find the topic for your group, then conduct research using the useful links provided. Identify and give functions for your assigned brain part. When you have finished, your group will have solved one piece of the puzzle. Return to your classmates and in a fifteen minute presentation provide that missing piece of the puzzle.

Human Brain Puzzle
Puzzle Pieces Topic (Brain Part) Useful Links
1 Medulla Oblongata Southhill Biology
Online Biology Book
Mrs. Naso's Biology Portal
2 Cerebrum The Cerebrum
Brain Structures
Anatomy of the Brain
3 Thalamus Scienceray
Mrs. Naso's Biology Portal
4 Cerebellum Southhill Biology
Cerebellum Functions
5 Hypothalamus Southhill Biology
Online Biology Book
Mr. Northcote's Biology
6 Pituitary gland Southhill Biology
Mrs. Naso's Biology Portal
7 Corpus Callosum Southhill Biology
Online Biology Book
Mrs. Naso's Biology Portal
8 Meninges Wikibooks
Online Biology Book

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