Polite Behavior for Electronic Correspondence on the Internet

These are some guidelines for appropriate online behavior when using electronic correspondence. They are suitable for high school students, and adult learners.

Netiquette involves the appropriate use of words on the Internet, demonstrating empathetic and polite behavior when using electronic correspondence.

Netiquette is of value in that it helps
  • to avoid sending remarks that weren’t really meant during angry or stressful times.
  • to avoid offending the person that you are communicating with or about.
  • to make sure your tone of communication is appropriate so that your communication is not taken the wrong way (use Emoticons).
  • to avoid having our history of electronic communication used against us in a negative way.
  • to remind us that if we won’t say what we have to say to the person face to face then we should not send it to them electronically.


You are communicating with a human, be respectful and professional.

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