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River Valley Civilizations
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Split of the Empire
Byzantine Empire
Asian Empires
Monotheistic Religions
Polytheistic Religions
Chinese Philosophies

Ancient Civilizations and ReligionsGlobal History Regents Review
Monotheistic Religions

People who believe in only one god practice monotheistic religions.  The three major monotheistic religions are:

Religion Where and when it began Tenets (beliefs) Religious Figures Sacred Texts
Judaism Palestine, c. 1500-100 BC Ten Commandments (code of conduct), dietary laws Moses, Solomon, David Torah
Christianity Palestine c. 50 BC Jesus was Messiah promised by Old Testament (Torah), trinity, Jesus of Nazareth Bible (Old/New Testament)
  Islam Arabia c. 632 AD Five Pillars, sometimes jihad, laws can be based on religious practices Muhammad Koran (Qur'an)

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