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Events of the Cold War

This table lists events and concepts related to the Cold War.



Yalta Conference

Near end of World War II; USSR and western powers divided Europe into East and West; Soviets controlled East

Iron Curtain

After World War II, Churchill called the “line” between US and allies (NATO) and Soviet Union and allies (Warsaw Pact) in Europe

Formation of the United Nations

Like League of Nations (failed) after World War I; Council of nations designed to avoid another world war by creating a place to solve problems peacefully.  Has been successful.

Truman Doctrine

Policy of US to use $ and military and fight against communist takeovers around the world during the Cold War

Marshall Plan

$ to Western Europe from US after World War II to discourage countries from becoming communist

Berlin Airlift

East Germany (USSR) cut off West Berlin from rest of world.  US airlifted supplies to West Berlin (see map).
View Split of Berlin Map


Military defense alliance of US and Western Europe against Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (Warsaw Pact)

Warsaw Pact

Military defense alliance of Soviet Union and Eastern Europe against US and Western Europe (NATO)

Invasion of Hungary 1956/Czechoslovakia 1968

Warsaw Pact troops invaded to quell pro-democracy movements in governments.  Totalitarian tactic to suppress opposition.

Berlin Wall

Built by East Berlin (USSR) to keep citizens from fleeing to free West Berlin.

Invasion of Afghanistan

USSR invaded Afghanistan to solidify communist government, could not control country.

Vietnam/Korean Wars

example of Truman Doctrine--communist forces in north of countries invaded south and tried to take over, US supported south with military, money.  Korea-no change, Vietnam-now communist.

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