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Urbanization--Industrialization of developing nations has led to a move of the population to cities.  The cities usually do not have adequate infrastructure to handle the influx of population, which creates poor living conditions.  Also, to accommodate the new population, cities must expand and destroy natural areas in favor of new houses, factories, roads, etc. 

Urbanization has led to the decline of many traditional beliefs (like the caste system in India).

Green Revolution--The rapidly growing population must eat or starve to death.  Many scientists have dedicated themselves to improving the food supply. 

The result is the Green Revolution--a series of new discoveries which increases the amount of food which can be produced.  Examples are new farming techniques (like hydroponics) and high yield gains (like rice and wheat).

Environment--In developing countries, the environmental issues take a back seat to improving quality of life.  For example, the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed at an alarming rate to make way for farmland to feed the people of South America. 

Also, these countries care little about the pollution their new industrialization creates; pollution is linked to global warming.

Human rights--The UN created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to standardize what rights each individual on the planet is entitled to.  Most of these ideas came out of the Enlightenment.  Many nations around the world do not act in accordance with this declaration. 

Also, many people are demanding self determination--the right to choose your own government.

Nuclear Weapons--The end of the Cold War reduced the threat of global nuclear destruction.  However, it also removed some of the security of the technology to create nuclear weapons.  Many nations have developed nuclear capability in the past few years, creating new arms races (like India and Pakistan). 

Some countries may even be willing to sell this technology to terrorists...

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