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Treaty of Versailles

World War I was effectively ended by the Treaty of Versailles.  Germany was not happy about the way things turned out...

Terms of the Treaty of Versailles (Germany)

Territorial parts of Germany were split off and became parts of other countries or became new countries
Military Germany's military was reduced and could not have many large ships or any tanks
Financial War reparations--see General
General Germany was forced to take the ENTIRE blame for the war and pay war reparations to Great Britain and France--about 6 billion English pounds! 

Since much of Germany's natural resources were in the areas which were split off by the treaty, they had little way to pay off this debt.


The US President Woodrow Wilson also suggested a peace plan called the Fourteen Points, which included plans for a League of Nations, the predecessor to today's United Nations.

The map of Europe looks much different after the the button to see the changes.

  Europe after the Treaty of Versailles Map
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