The information on this web page was created by School District Library Media Specialist, Lynn Johnson, to guide Mountain View School District primary students and their teachers through the Super 3 basic research steps. Links on this page will open in a new window.

Information Literacy

Information literacy, according to the Association of College and Research Libraries, is the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze and use information. All of us need to be able to develop these skills in order to navigate our world and make informed decisions. A simple set of steps to follow, developed by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz, in order to solve problems has been broken down further for K-2 students. This plan is called the Super 3 and consists of the steps plan, do and review. These simplified steps come from their original program, the Big6. These steps can be followed to solve a simple personal problem or complete an academic research assignment. Concept map of the Super 3 research steps. External link to Super 3 description with a dinosaur theme. External link to Tami Little's description of the first step in the Super 3. External link to Tami Little's description of the Do step. External link to Tami Little's description of the Review step.


The beginning stage of any research project or making any decision is to create a plan. Stopping to make a plan allows for time to examine the problem and what will be needed to complete the activity. Brainstorming all the possibilities, envisioning the end product, and considering all the things needed to get to the end product are important parts of planning.


The middle step, do, is the active step. It involves gathering the supplies or information needed, evaluating those supplies or information to select the most useful, and creating or doing what needs to be done.


Looking back or reflecting on the task gives time to correct, modify and improve the end product. Have all the requirements been met? It also allows a learner to think about their thinking and evaluate themselves and the process.

Other Super 3 and Big6 Resources

There are several publications available that offer more information about using the Big6 and Super 3 in the classroom. For more information check out The Super 3: Information skills for young learners or The Definitive Big6 Workshop Handbookfrom Linworth Books. These resources may also be available in your school library.

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