What is Art Plagiarism?

Learner Description: This activity is for the beginning Intro to Commercial Art student to understand what art plagiarism is.

Art Plagiarism

Art plagiarism is the act of reproducing the work of another artist or artists and claiming it as your own original work of art.

It Happens All The Time...

Unfortunately, art plagiarism happens all of the time because of the sheer volume of artwork out on the Web and in numerous art galleries. Here are some well known cases of graphic design plagiarism:

clockers funny girl

gwar precious


While looking at these examples, you have to ask yourself some pretty tough questions:

Other Graphic Design Rip-Offs: HERE

Art Plagiarism Activity: Scavenger Hunt

You will take part in an online scavenger hunt to learn more about art plagiarism and what is and what isn't allowed when it comes to copyrighted artwork.

Instructions: You will find 5 websites below that have information about art plagiarism. Each website will have two questions you must answer on the worksheet. Your task is to complete the worksheet and check your answers on the answer key located below.

Download the Art Plagiarism Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Website One: http://arc.academyart.edu/writing/plagiarism.html
1. List three examples of what plagiarism can be?
2. When is it okay to copy an artist's work of art?

Website Two: http://www.denisdutton.com/forgery_and_plagiarism.htm
1. _________________ and plagiarism are both forms of fraud.
2. Who determines the point to which borrowing counts as infringement?

Website Three: http://www.worldfamousdesignjunkies.com
1. What did Einstein say the secret to creativity was?
2. Most of the plagiarized examples shown on the website are posters for ______?

Website Four: http://obrag.org/?p=4070
1. Shepard Fairey, one of the worst art plagiarizers in the world, was sued by the Associated Press for plagiarizing what?
2. Who are Shepard Fairey's "Obey the Giant" posters alluding to?

Website Five: http://www.kineda.com/a-fair-use-photo-and-image-lesson/
1. Under Fair Use laws, could you download any image off the Internet to use in a promotional poster?
2. Name two websites where you can get free photos to use for promotional uses.




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