Preserving Biodiversity Infographics

The diversity of life on Earth—biodiversity—is important to humans in many ways. And yet, human actions are threatening biodiversity. The good news is that you can do something about it. Educating yourself and making small changes to your everyday activities can make a big difference to the environment and to biodiversity.

Students: The graphics on the pages linked across the top of this site teach you about biodiversity, why it is threatened and how to preserve it. Above each graphic you'll find some thought questions to guide your learning. Start with the graphic below, which organizes the other graphics into three lessons titled Why It Matters, Threats to Biodiversity, and You Can Help. Then, use the links across the top of the site to review the other graphics in the unit. (Note: If you're using these graphics along with your Hoefnagels Biology textbook, then be sure to also check out our animated tutorial called "Threats to Biodiversity.")

Teachers: If you wish to use these graphics in your classroom, some ideas for incorporating them into your lessons are provided on the "Teacher Links" page.


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