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Melissa started the EDTECH program formally during summer 2011. Earlier in spring 2011 she took the Introduction to Education course because she was not sure how she was going to fit it in to the list of courses she wanted to take as a Master's student. Therefore, Melissa's first introduction to the EDTECH program was with the 597 class, a class that was still under construction. She was blown away by what they were expected to do in that class and felt like she was either writing a paper or doing a project every week. It was great. This experience let her see that Boise's program is serious about educating their students. She knew she wanted to be here to learn the foundations of Educational Technology.

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This website's initial creation started while taking the 502 class during fall 2011. After having taken a supposed "website design" class at another university during spring 2011, Melissa was hoping to finally be in a class that would teach her more than just how to hijack a template and fill in the spaces with content because that was really all they did in that other school's course. (Notice she is not a Master's student at that school now?) At first when Melissa learned that she would not make her own template in this course, she was worried. Now that she is at the point where she is really learning how to use a template, that concern has been mollified. Using the template to create this website actually required her to understand the xhtml she had been learning through the semester. It was not a "what if I put this here, what happens" type of assignment. Putting text in specific places was deliberate.

As you may have noticed, not only did Melissa learn how to put in images, but she managed to float one right and another one left. You have no idea how excited she was to be learning how to do this. To have mastery over the computer and what the output is like is amazing.