Printmaking Unit

3. Collagraphs

For this lesson you will be creating a collagraph print using an image of your choice and also materials of your chocie to create a unique collagraph printing plate. Before beginning the lesson your instructor will present to you various collagraph prints pointing out how different materials look when they print. You can also refer to the images below to help you make decision about what materials you might like to use and are able to use.

***Click on images to download pdf files.

Choose the imagery you would like to turn into a collagraph by referring to your brainstorming worksheet from lesson one, or by coming up with a completely new idea. Sketch your image and make notes about what type of materials you think would work well for this image. Bring those materials in and begin constructing your printing plate.

Use Modge Podge to glue your items down to a piece of matte board or cardboard cut to the size you would like your image to be. Once all the items are glued into place, coat your printing plate with a varnish to seal it so it can be printed multiple times without breaking apart immediately.

Watch a demontsration given by your instructor along with watching the videos below to learn how to print your collagraph. Good luck!!  :)

Collagraph Resources:

Making a Collagraph Plate:

Printing a Collagraph: