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Georgia is the country's number one producer of what four crops? Peanuts, Pecans, Vidalia Onions, and Peaches

What region of the United States is GA located? South East

What is the name of GA's state bird? Brown Thrasher

Who did Jimmy Carter say he would give the government back to?The People


What does the term "farm to table" imply? The food and ingredients used to cook and produce dishes at restaurants are purchased locally

Why was the Five Points sculpture built? What does Five Points mean? The Five Points sculpture was built for the Olympics, it means that it was the center point where all methods of transportations meet/met. It was also the center point for traveling to other locations in the state.

What is the name of Atlanta's professional baseball team? Atlanta Braves

Who was the first black U.S. senator from GA? Jefferson Franklin Long


How high is the summit of Brasstown Bald? 4,784 feet (1,458 m)

How did Brasstown Bald get its name? Early white settlers misinterpreted the Cherokee word, "Itse'yĭ" (New Green Place or Place of Fresh Green) for "Ûňtsaiyĭ" (Brass), and named it accordingly

What U.S. mountain range is Brasstown Bald a part of? Appalachian


What does the term Okefenokee mean? The Land of Trembling Earth

What is different about the way a water moccasin gives birth? Live young are born

How many square miles is the Okefenokee swamp? about 700

What is the name of the last native American tribe to attempt to live in the Okenefokee? Seminole

What two rivers begin in the Okefenokee? Suwanee and Saint Mary's


What are the two cities Jekyll Island is said to be located between? Savannah and Jacksonville

What was the main purpose of the Jekyll Island club according to the video? To secure an escape

Where does Jekyll Island rank in size in the category of GA's barrier islands? It is the smallest

What is the name of the central bank created from meetings held at Jekyll Island? The Federal Reserve


What are two common methods of deer hunting? Stand hunting and still hunting

What is the legal limit of deer that may be harvested in one hunting season? 12, 10 antlerless and two with antlers

How much does a non-resident three-day deer hunting license cost in GA? $90

What are the common feeding times for the White-tailed deer? Dawn and Dusk

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