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Review Questions

Georgia is the country's number one producer of what four crops?

What region of the United States is GA located?

What is the name of GA's state bird?

Who did Jimmy Carter say he would give the government back to?


About GA Virtual Tour

This is a vicarious experience of the many facets of the state of Georgia. By clicking on each of the tabs, you will be taken to pages that present relevant information in a variety of ways. It's as if you are traveling there through the medium of the web! The sidebar on the right side of every page will take you on an interactive journey through each of the listed locations, you will be required to answer questions listed below the links for each page, and then check your answers using the key link at the bottom of the sidebar. After you find the answer to each question on each page, type your answers into this form. When you have completed all of the questions, click submit to hand in your form. Have a fun time experiencing the south!

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Learner Description

This field trip is designed for international students to tour the state of Georgia while studying United States History.

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