Learner Description: This activity is designed for administrators and school board members.

This is a cooperative activity where you will learn about 21st century tools, how they can be used in the classroom, and how students can use them safely. Each person in the group will become an expert in one of the tools. Group members will teach each other about their new tool. The jigsaw activity is based on Elliot Aronson's Jigsaw Classrooom model.


You will begin at a table with the rest of you school district members. Each member will find a number from 1-4 on their nameplate that corresponds with the Jigsaw activity. After checking for your number, you will meet others with the same number at designated places around the room. The numbered group will be the group you will be learning with to become experts in your new tool. All groups will watch the Internet Safety video before answering the questions about their new tools. After a specific amount of time, when all expert groups have completed the questions, you will return to your school district’s table. Each expert will teach the rest of the group about the new tools.

All groups should view the Internet Safety video first! Teck Talk: Beyond Internet Safety

Answer the following questions while working with your expert group members:

  1. What is the tool?
  2. What is the most useful feature of the tool?
  3. How could your students use the tool in the classroom?
  4. What safety measures would you recommend students take while using the tool?
Jigsaw Expert Groups
Expert Groups 21st Century Tools Links

Group #1

Online Applications

Google Apps for Educaation

District Administration

Google Docs

Group #2

Streaming Video

Animoto in Education

District Administration

I Need My Teacher to Learn

Group #3

Social Networking

Ning in the Classroom

District Administration

Online Powered School Libraries

Teach Social Media