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The purpose of this WebQuest is to help school library media specialist be prepared to provide administrators and committee members with enough information to make informed decisions about teaching students to nurture their digital footprints as part of the digital citizenship curriculum.


Students are already using social networks at home and some schools are beginning to introduce them into the curriculum. A few students are making bad decisions that may cause long term problems when applying for college or employment. Should schools include teaching students to nurture their digital footprints as part of digital citizenship instruction?

Learner Description

This WebQuest is designed for school library media specialist but may also be used by any school staff person interested in learning about student’s digital prints.


The successful completion of this WebQuest requires use of a computer with Internet access. In addition, the ability to view YouTube videos and open Internet files.

Instructional Objectives

While completing this WebQuest, you will read, synthesize, evaluate, and extract relevant information related to student us of social media. You will create an “information brief” that includes enough information to inform decision making. You will evaluate your own “information brief’ based on the rubric provided.

Standards Addressed


Digital Citizenship - Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior.


Subject Matter Description

This inquiry based WebQuest is a model developed by Bernie Dodge. It is intended to support higher-order thinking skills and includes the following stages:


During the evaluation phase of this WebQuest, a self-assessment will be completed using the available rubric. After submitting the assignment, your “information brief” will be assessed by the instructor.