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The Process

Step 1: Conduct Research on the Regions (remember)

Find your state and region on the map below. Click on the region to find more information about your region. Then, click on the regions on the map to compare geography, climate, economy, and culture.

The West The Southwest The Mid West The Southeast The Northeast

Step 2: Complete the Region Chart (understand and analyze)

Complete the chart below using the information you gathered above from the map. For each region, please include facts that describe the land, climate, culture, and economy.

To access the chart, please select File > Make a Copy and save to your Google Drive account. Please share the file with your instructor giving him or her editing rights.

Region Chart

Submit Region Chart

Step 3: Make an illustrated map (apply)

Using the link below, apply the information from your Region Chart to an illustrated map of The United States. Use the marker and drawing tools to outline the regions and include at least three elements from each in category for each region. Please review the evaluation page for specific criteria.

Map Maker

To submit your map, please click the email icon at the top of the map and email to your instructor.

Step 4: Design an advertisement (create)

Using Glogster, create a poster or billboard that persuades people to move to your region. Include a catchy slogan, images, text, and video from the internet. Please include as many facts as you can to support your opinions.

Start the Advertisement (Glogster)

Submit Advertisement

Step 5: Explain the affects of geography and climate (evaluate)

Use the Google Form link below to respond to the WebQuest Central Question. Have your region chart, illustrated map, and advertisement ready to respond to the question.

Respond to the Central Question

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