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The United States WebQuest was designed to allow students to explore the differences between regions within the United States. It incorporates technology assessments that engage students in 21st Century Learning.


At this age, students are often unaware of the differences in geography, culture, and climate across the United States. By exploring the regions of the United States and comparing them to their own region, students gain a better understanding of their region's values, culture, and identity.

Learner Description

The WebQuest was designed for 5th grade students in Texas. However, other states may have similar standards in 4th and 5th grade.


Students should be familiar with internet navigation, Google Apps for Education including Google Docs and Forms, and should have an understanding of geography, climate, economy, culture, and the locations of the fifty states.


As a result of this WebQuest, the learner will be able to:

Subject Matter Description

The learner will navigate through the following sections to master the objectives:


Students will design a digital advertisement such as a poster or billboard that persuades people to move to their region. In addition, students will response to the central question using Google Forms.

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