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This website is the homepage of my work for EDTECH 512-4172, Online Course Design, as part of the requirements for the MET program at Boise State University. In the menu box to the right you can find units of work that lead up to the completion of a Web-based Instructional Design (WBID) project for this course. The final product can be viewed via the learner website link in the menu, entitled 'Learner Website'.

Project Backdrop

In 2012 mobile learning was designated as a major initiative at public universities across the UAE. Importantly, this mobile learning initiative is underpinned by expectations that educators deploy mobile learning in a manner consistent with 21st-century learning environments, where there is an emphasis on active, student-centered learning as reflected in mission statements like that of the Zayed University Learning Outcomes, where there is a deliberate intent to foster skills such as critical thinking, global awareness, leadership,  information and technological literacy. Consequently, instructors at English-medium universities such as Zayed University need to develop the ability to effectively integrate mobile learning into classroom practice.

Project Overview

The title of this online course is "Mobile Learning Best Practices: An Online Course". The purpose is to offer educators at Zayed University information and interacton with models of mobile learning best practice, with the aim that participants not only learn about these practices, but also adopt and apply that learning in the classroom. This onlline course consists of a dedicated learner website with six self-access modules to be run during a six-week instructional period. Learners will have the opportunity to work independently and asynchronously on each module following an instructor-led schedule.

The modules are: 21st Century Learning, Bloom's Taxonomy, iPad Workflow, Flipped Learning, Challenge Based Learning and 'Putting it All Together'. In each module learners are asked to watch videos and read Web-based content related to a particular best practice. The modules also provide opportunity for learners to check understanding, evaluate learning vis-à-vis practice and share ideas with peers. The final module, Putting it All Together, requires learners to produce a multimedia artifact that demonstrates understanding and evaluation of the first five modules.

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