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  • This webcast is designed to help front-load the understanding of how things work, the steps in making those things work and how to figure it out. This is a shared process to give students an opportunity to evaluate different processes so they can transfer this new information into their own Instructional Writing.
  • Standard: 3. Writing and Composition. Content Area: Reading, Writing and Communicating - Grade 2.
  • Write narratives in which they recount a well-elaborated event or short sequence of events, include details to describe actions, thoughts, and feelings, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide a sense of closure. (CCSS: W.2.3)
  • Organize ideas using pictures, graphic organizers, or story maps or bulleted lists
  • Write with precise nouns, active verbs, and descriptive adjectives
  • Write letters and "how-to's" (procedures, directions, recipes) that follow a logical order and appropriate format

Learner Description:

  • Students will cooperatively follow this webcast and develop an outline and steps with teacher guidance in Task 1. Then cooperatively develop an outline and steps with a partner of one item in Task 2. Then students will share their learnings to the class.
  • Before setting off on their quest students need to be comfortable with:
  • 1. Using a computer
  • 2. Navigating the internet
  • 3. Working with Internet resources/Google Apps
  • 4. Copying a google doc into their own google drive, sharing it with peers, adding and collecting data to enter into the doc
  • 5. Synthesizing information to share what they learned
  • 6. Collaborating with peers in a group project
  • Any of this information on the webquest could be done manually with teachers. However, you must be able to show youtube videos for them to complete this project.


  • Read All Directions.
  • Participation is required and questions are encouraged.
  • Complete all four tasks and evaluation page.
  • Students will work in groups, made up of 2-3 people. Within those groups they will pick a role of the Investigator or Records Manager. The groups challenge is to identify all the steps in the outline that they watch on the video of how things work. Students will summarize the processes of the video in the form of a presentation to the class. Students will collaborate, each contributing information based on their understanding of what is seen and their own background knowledge. They will gain knowledge in the process of a "how to video" after completing each step within this webquest.


  • Task 1
  • During Task 1 all students will rewatch the video and practice the procedure of tying their shoes. Everyone will be attempting this. Then teacher will lead a group discussion of the steps needed to Tie Your Shoes Really Fast. Class will be led to brainstorm steps after watching video a few more times using pictures and colored pencils. Then we will watch video a few more times and add to our pictures. Our final step will be to fill out the google doc outline as a shared writing piece.
  • Task 2
  • First, read the table choices below.
  • Click any pictures that are interesting to you and watch the short video.
  • Then choose at least three pictures.
  • The teacher will put you into groups according to your choice.
  • Task 3
  • The teacher will pair you to one of your choice of videos. Then with your partner or group you will need to decide on who will be the investigators and who will be the record manager. Please see taskcards 3.
  • At this time, the records manager will copy this google doc and share it with your teammates and your teacher. Please rename this google doc the title of your outline. Then the group will rewatch the assigned video (many times). While watching the video all team members will gather the important information and place it in the correct order of their procedure. It will be helpful if you follow the google doc format. However, you may use any form of drawing, pictures, notes to gather this information.
  • Task 4
  • After finishing your outline of the procedues of the video, students will need to share this information with the class.
  • Team members need to decide who will share information from their outline. Sharing aloud can be done by one or many group members. This needs to be decided on and practiced. Other team members need to listen and make sure it makes sense to your audience. You will be evaluated on your participation within your group.
  • Students will have the class listen to their outline of their "How to" video and then the class will watch the video.


  • There are three parts of this evaluation:
  • -Student Participation in GroupWork
  • -Content of Outline
  • -Presentation of Learning
  • Student Participation in GroupWork
  • Students will view the following Teamwork Rubric and decide where they would place themselves on the rubric. They will share this will their teammates. Teammates are encouraged to ask questions for validity of each evaluation. Being positive and honest is modeled and expected.
  • Content of Outline
  • Teacher will evaluate the content of each team's outline. Teacher will give immediate feedback on google doc in comment section.
  • Presentation of Learning
  • Students will get immediate feedback from peers in class for their presentation: Could you hear the presenters? Did this presentation make sense? Was the outline helpful before the video?


  • You have completed this webquest! Did you understand a little bit more about how things work and the importance of thinking about all steps to demonstrate what you know? Are you ready now to create your own outline for the video that you will be the star of?
  • Next up.....writing your own instructions using the google doc outline so that we can create a video of you explaining how things work.

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