Welcome to my EDTECH Homepage!

This page is my portal for work created in the Master of Educational Technology Program at Boise State University. As I progress through the Master's program, this page will be updated at the end of each semester to document my academic journey.

Who am I?

I ponder this on a daily basis. Today, I am a graduate student enrolled in the Master of Educational Technology program at BSU. I teach Digital Design & Production at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. Even though I am currently teaching online, it is important for me to continue with my education to stay abreast of emerging technologies. My teaching goal is to keep it fresh, fun and engage the learner.

GSA logo

Recent Projects

In the Fall 2009 semester, a call for entries was posted for the new EDTECH Graduate Student Association. The set of guidelines were strict including color and BSU logo usage. I created five designs and submitted my work for consideration. Much to my surprise, one of the designs was voted on and is now being used as a branding image.

Extracurricular Activities