Louvre Museum

The Louvre Musuem in the heart of Paris holds some of the world's greatest artwork such as The Oath of the Horatii by David, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo di Vinci, Venus de Milo by Alexandros, and the Nike of Samothrace by an unknown Greek artist.

This is the most visited museum in the world and in 2011 it posted a record number of visitors at "8.8 million" which was "an increase of five per cent [when] compared to 2010" (Attwool, 2012).

Please view the official Louvre Museum YouTube video below which is a brief guided tour of the facility.

Please visit the Louvre's Web site as all works of art are accessible for online viewing. One great part of the site is "Magnify a Masterpiece." This feature allows the viewer to zoom-in extremely close to 19 of the museum's pieces.

Activity Questions

1. What year was the Louvre built?  
2. In 1364, what was the name of the architect that renovated the structure?
3. (Fill in the blank) The Great Sphinx of ___________ resides at the Louvre.