Notre Dame Cathedral

The cathedral of Notre Dame is one the most beautiful pieces of architecture, religious or otherwise, that the world has ever produced.

In the late 1800's, author Victor Hugo immortalized the cathedral with his legendary novel entitled The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And to this day the plight, struggle, and fate of the main character, Quasimodo, is considered one of the greatest literary metaphors for human compassion, mercy, and redemption.


Above is a YouTube sound/video that features the church bells ringing at the cathedral. Please listen and imagine that you are there! In addition, visit the official Cathedral Web site, as that is where all the answers to the activity questions can be found!

Activity Questions

1. What year was the Notre Dame built?
2. Who was the Pope at the time the cathedral was erected?
3. At one time, the city of Paris went by a different name. Can you name it?