Virtual Field Trip - Paris, France

Tour Description

The following is a virtual field trip to Paris, France, that highlights four of the most popular attractions that the city has to offer.Below is a map featuring these four points of interest.

The navigation tabs located on the top of every Web page allows smooth and easy traveling to the destinations listed. Please discover these spots in any order that you decide.  

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Activity Description

Your job is to take the virtual tour of Paris by visiting all of the stops that are listed along the route map and then answer the activity questions that are located at the bottom of each page.

Some of the information in the tour is hard to find but all of it is located in the information presented on the pages. Pay special attention to the content that you are learning and have fun visiting the "City of Light!"[Answer Key]

Learner Description

This virtual field trip is designed to teach learners, grades 8 through 12, a few of the many historic locations in Paris, France along with some general information about the country..