Spanish Verbs: Introduction to -ar, -er, and -ir verbs

Learner Description

This activity is intended for HighSchool students in a beginning Spanish class. Through this activity they should learn the basics of Spanish verb conjugation in the present indicative tense.



The class will be divided into "Home Groups" each group with three people. Each group will choose an "AR expert", an "ER expert" and an "IR expert." The groups will then split up and go to their respective "Expert Groups." Each expert group will look at the links provided for their group and will find the following information:

  1. A definition of that group's verb type.
  2. The present tense conjugation endings for that verb type.
  3. A list of ten example verbs of that type with English definitions.
  4. A present tense conjugation chart for each example verb.

Each expert will use that information to fill out the Spanish Verbs Worksheet. After completing the worksheet each expert will return to their home group and they will take turns teaching each other what they have learned.


Links for Expert Groups


-AR Verb Expert Group


-ER Verb Expert Group


-IR Verb Expert Group