The Hispanic World WebQuest


When Americans hear the word “Hispanic” we most likely think of what we know about the people and culture of our next-door neighbor to the south—Mexico.  The Hispanic world is much broader and more diverse than that.  It cannot be confined to one country, one people, or one set of Traditions.  All Hispanic people do not look the same, eat the same types of food, or come from the same ethnic background.  The purpose of this WebQuest is to learn about the diversity of the Hispanic world and its relationship with the United States.

Page Directory

  • Introduction:  A basic definition of the Hispanic World and a brief discussion on the diversity of its cultures.
  • Task:  A basic overview of the project requirements.
  • Process:  A detailed description of the project requirements along with a list of resources to use for the research.
  • Evaluation:  The assessment rubric for the project.
  • Conclusion:  Some self assessment questions to answer after completing the project.
  • Teacher:  A lesson plan that describes how this project can be used in a class.
  • Credits:  A list of internet resources to be used in creating the project.

The Hispanic World

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