Scientific Method Review Answers Using QR Codes

Learner Description: You are welcome to use it and the PDF documents that are attached to this page. However, this was created to be used as an answer key for the Scientific Method Review Sheet. The review and test were generated using the West Ada School District's curriculum.

[Scientific Method Review Sheet] [Scientific Method QR Codes]

Question and QR Code Answer

Question QR Code
Classify and Compare and Contrast QR Code for Classify and Compare/Contrast
Constant and Control QR Code for Constant and Control
Dependent Variable and Hypothesis QR Code for Dependent Variable and Hypothesis
Independent Variable and Infer QR Code for Independent Variable and Infer
Law and Model QR Code for Law and Model
Observe and Predict QR Code for Observe and Predict
System and Theory
What do you use to make an observation?  What is the difference between observe and infer?
You will be asked to determine the constant variable(s), what is a constant variable and how does that impact your experiment?
Predict what the temperature would be in the west on day 5.


Temperature Chart
QR Code for Predict
Scientific Method QR code of experiment
  1. What is the independent variable?
  2. What is the dependent variable?
  3. Write a hypothesis using the variables.
  4. What are the constant variables?
  5. What is the control group?
QR code for graphs
Label the parts of a bar graph
Create a bar graph
Create a line graph