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Tara Sells
Boise State University

Learner Description: This is intended for adult learners.

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility refers to making sure barriers are removed so there is equal access to the web for everyone including those with disabilities.

Introduction to Web Accessibility - W3C: An introduction to web accessibility and why it is important along with tips and evaluating tools.

Web Accessibility Initiative: This website provides strategies, guidelines, and resources to make the web accessible to people with disabilities.

This page will focus on accessibility for people with colorblindness.

Types of Colorblindness: An explanation of the different types and severity of colorblindness. Before designing a web-page, consider how it will look to people with colorblindness.

Experience It -

Click on any of the following links to experience what things look like to people with colorblindness.

Neitzvision: You can take a colorblind test to see what it would be like if you were colorblind.

Colblinder: Colbinder allows you to upload any image to see what it looks like to people with colorblindness.

Vischeck: This website checks images according to different degrees of colorblindness.

Tips and Tools -

The following are websites to provide tips and tools for designing and evaluating web-pages for people with colorblindness.

5 Tips on Designing Colorblind Friendly Visualizations: Here are some tips when designing a web-page for people with colorblindness.

Color Blindness and Web Design: Information about colorblindness and advice for web design for people with colorblindness.

Color Contrast Checker: Simply select or enter a foreground and background color to check if it is suitable for people with colorblindness. 

WAVE: Enter a website to evaluate it's accessibility.

Cynthia Says: Enter a website to identify errors regarding section 508 standards for web accessibility.


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