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Learner Description: This is intended for First Grade students, but could be used for lower elementary. This would typically take place toward the end of the school year when the students have more reading skills in place. This activity is based on the Elliot Aronson's Jigsaw Classroom model.




The class will be divided into 3 expert groups. Each group will have a leader who is in charge of their group. They will be just like a teacher. If you have any questions, ask your leader first. Then ask other members of your group. If you still can't find the answer to your question, then ask me. Your first job is to visit each of the sites and read about your assigned layer. You can decide as a group to read individually or read aloud making sure everyone has a turn to read. Then you need to find the answers to the questions about your assigned layer on the Rainforest Worksheet. Every group member will fill in their own worksheet, but every answer should be the same as decided by your group.

A Few Reminders:









Here are the questions you will need to find the answers to and fill out on the Rainforest Worksheet:

  1. How many layers are there in the rainforest and what are they named?
  2. What is the name of your assigned layer?
  3. What is the weather like?
  4. How much sunlight does the layer get?
  5. What are three to five animals that you would find there?
  6. What are two to three plants that you would find there?

Jigsaw Activity:




Rainforest Activity
Expert Group #1 Forest Floor

Tropical Rainforest Floor Layer Facts

Primary Forest Floor Facts

The Rainforest Floor
Expert Group #2 Understory

Tropical Rainforest Understory Layer Facts

The Understory Layer

The Rainforest Understory
Expert Group #3 Canopy

Tropical Rainforest Canopy Layer Facts

What is the Canopy?

Animals of the Rainforest Canopy