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Learner Description: This page is intended for younger elementary learners, who can read or have help, who would like to take a virtual tour of the Hawaiian Islands.

Have you ever wanted to go to Hawaii? Kauai? Any of the Hawaiian Islands? The idea of blue water, warm temperatures, and sand between your toes sounds amazing, doesn't it? Take this virtual tour and you can visit and experience the Hawaiian Islands without paying a dollar or leaving the comfort of the chair or couch or whatever you are sitting in right now. Sit back, relax, click, and enjoy!


Before you begin your virtual tour of the Hawaiian Islands, please print off the Virtual Tour worksheet. Look over the worksheet before you start. Fill out the worksheet and turn it in at the completion of your tour. Remember to have fun!!

To begin this tour you can click the next button or the tab above for Stop #1: Kauai.

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