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Tsisana Palmer
Department of Educational Technology
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Learner Description: This page was created for advanced ESL Adult Learners exploring English language and basics of webdesign in "English and 21st century literacies" course.

What is Web Accessibility?

Web Accessibility enables various Web users (such as users with Disabilities) to have an access and easily utilise existing Web information or content, which, in turns, allows them to be equal Web contributors and participants..

In the US, there are Rules and Standards available for Web designers in order to provide them with guidelines for proper design that assures Web accessibility. Some of them are: Section 508, WCAG 2.0, and Screen Reader Simulations.

Section 508. Resources for understanding and implementing Section 508 - http://www.section508.gov/

WCAG 2.0. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (recommendations on web accessibility) - http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/

WebAIM Simulation -http://webaim.org/simulations/

Become Familiar with Terminology

What is assisting technology?
What is accessible electronic and information technology?

Accessibility Evaluation Tools

There are numerous tools available for Web designers to evaluate their Webcontent whether or not it meets the Web accessibility standards and guidelines. Below are some of them that will help a Webdesigner to test and evaluate how the site will be experienced by different users:

Cynthia Says Portal: This tool will assure the compliance to Section 508 and the WACG 2.0 Standards and Guidelines.

WAVE: Free, Online Web Accessibility evaluation tool.

Accessibility Color Wheel: An online tool to help you make a better color choice(s) for your webdesign.

Colorblind Web Page Filter: Experience the Web through the eyes of people with color blindness.

Accessibility Simulations

The following simulations will help you understand the way other web users might experience the Web as well as develop a better approach to web design from a web accessibility standpoint.

Color Laboratory - Color Simulator to demonstrate how colors are viewed by people with color blindness.

Accessibility Research center (ARC) Simulations -  a number of accessibility simulations, based on interactions with Blackboard, such as: Cognitive, Motor, and Visual Disabilities, Dyslexia, etc.

Additional Tips

PureMAC Accessibility - Apple's Commitment to Web Accessibility.

Readability - Experience a Web Designed for Readers.

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