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Question 1

What was the purpose of the Berlin Wall?

Berlin Wall on Wikipedia

Question 2

According to the Freedom Map, which countries have the highest and lowest status as far as Free Press?What are the determining factors?

World Press Freedom

Question 3

What role did photographer Bill Biggart play in 9/11 attack coverage?

9/11:How it changed US?

Question 4

What is ARPANET?


What, according to Paul Sparrow, is the connection between the first Russian Sputnik and YuoTube?

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Exploring the Newseum

The Newseum, an "interactive" museum in Washington, D.C., is devoted to news, journalism, and the way news impact our lives. It also addresses such concepts as "Freedom of Speech" and "Freedom of Press" -what do they mean for individuals as well as societies? How they affect and transform lives?


Take a Virtual Tour across all the 7 levels of the Newseum and explore the daily press from more than 80 national newspapers, the history of the press, the ethics and challenges of being a "journalist", as well as national and world coverage of events such as the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Hurricane Katrina, and 9/11 Attack. Also, check out the Press Freedom Map and learn where different countries of the world stand in terms of "Free Speech."

Free Press

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall


Take a look at the Press Freedom Map and see how Freedom of Speech is exercised around the World.

Freedom Map

World Coverage of the 9/11 Attack


9/11:How it changed US?




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